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About Broke Teacher… 


This started as a joke.

A teacher I know moved to take a job in one of the lowest-paying states. 

She came back broke. 

“This makes me mad,” I said. I started posting “broke teacher” recipes, articles, and tips on Facebook–things like “Best places to steal pens for your classroom.”  Then I put them here. 

One day, I looked at my own bank account and realized it wasn’t too happy with me, either. The reason was this: I was spending my paycheck on my job. 

So I stopped. It was hard–there are a thousand school things to buy if you’re a teacher. 



I want you to take care of yourself first. Plan–and achieve your dreams.  

You can’t do that while you’re going broke funding your job. 

Know this: You don’t have to be broke to be a teacher. In fact, you shouldn’t be. 


Let’s throw away “broke teacher” together.