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What Kind of Computer Do I Get My Kid?

Right now my son has The Peach Salsa Computer, and it's going to die. It's time to start computer shopping for middle school. But with a birthday around the corner, I'd like to kill two birds with one stone--get him something that looks like a gift but is really for school. The Peach Salsa Computer was a gift from my former editor after I dumped peach salsa into my Macbook Pro. I was carrying the salsa when my phone rang. Who uses phones for calls these days? The bowl fell directly on the keyboard. Upside-down. I saved the computer--I turned it off,…
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Keyboard at an angle

Teachers–You Must Own Your Content

You just spent a ton of time creating a unit. It's beautiful. You'll use it this year, and maybe next.  Or maybe you wrote a curriculum or guide for your department. Who owns that content? This is an important question. If you put in the work, it should be you. You should have the freedom to use, share, or sell the material you make for your classroom. And if you let someone else use it, they should give you credit. As a teacher, you probably don't think about intellectual property rights, but you should. Five reasons to think about intellectual…
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snow everywhere

10 Ways to Get School Cancelled

"Is school cancelled? There's snow out there. Everyone's texting everyone. Parents, teachers, concerned citizens. We all want to know. Is school cancelled? "Did you get the text?" Nobody got the text. NOBODY GOT THE TEXT!!!  There can't be school today!! Looks like there is. If you really want school to be cancelled there are a few ways to make that happen... Do any of the things below, and you'll be guaranteed to get that snow day! Leave your papers on your desk so you can't possibly get anything done with the time the Lord has given you. School will be cancelled so…
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stuffed avocados

A Tale of Two (or more) Avocados

Avocados: tasty, and all the rage. The minute I discovered people paying $15 for avocados on toast, I knew I should quit my job and become an avocado chef. I'm still working on the details. Meanwhile, I've decided to share some of my favorite recipes for avocados. Avocados truly are the best. It's hard to believe I never even saw one until I was in my early twenties. I was visiting my friend Melissa in San Antonio, Texas. She put misshapen green squares on my salad. I'm a vegetarian, so I'll try anything green. These didn't disappoint. They were avocados.…
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dock at the beach

Dealing with Your No Paycheck Summer

"Have fun this summer... by the way, there's no paycheck!" Does your office say that on the last day of school? Some teachers don't get paid during the summer months. If you're a new teacher or switching districts, you might not think about pay structure, you're just happy to be working in a great school. The no-summer paycheck system is dangerous. That's where schools pay a higher amount during the year and do not send paychecks over the summer. Teachers in districts like this must be masters of budgeting. It's tempting to say, "I need to fix the car now, but…
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