About Broke Teacher… 


This started as a joke.


A teacher I know moved to take a job in one of the lowest-paying states for teachers. 

She came back broke. I got mad.

To cheer her up, I started posting “broke teacher” recipes and tips on Facebook–things like “Best places to steal pens for your classroom.”

I collected them, and I put them here.

One day, I looked at my own bank account and realized it wasn’t too happy with me, either.

Your guide (Dawn) and her boy (Declan)

The reason was this: I was spending my paycheck on my job.

So I stopped. It was hard. 

Do you spend money on classroom tech, tickets, food for the universe, supplies for your class–or other classrooms?

Do you say, “I’ll catch you later,” to your own finances while you open your wallet for the world?

I did, too.  And one day, I had enough… I promised myself I would not be a broke teacher anymore. 


Some alarming stats…

  • Teachers who leave the profession after 5 years 40% 40%
  • Average teacher starting salary compared to other college-educated professions 76% 76%
  • Americans who have at least a $400 emergency fund 40% 40%



Let’s throw away “broke teacher” together.

Things You Can Do Today!

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