Take the No-Spend Pledge!

You’re spending your grocery money on your classroom, aren’t you?




I will no longer spend my paycheck on my job.

I will allow school to pay for school things–no matter what!

When they don’t, I’ll find a creative work around that doesn’t involve my wallet.

With the money I save, I’ll build my finances, and do things that bring me joy.

I will prioritize my financial, mental, and all-round wellness without guilt.

I’ll be the example of success I want for each and every one of my students.

Stop Spending your paycheck on your job today!


  • A 31-paged resource guide with all the tools you need to stop spending your paycheck on your job ( based on  A Broke Teacher’s Guide to Success).
  • RESOURCES to help you rethink why you’re spending, and how to get rid of the guild of saying “No” while still being the best teacher ever. 
  • Spending Tracker so you can see just how much you’re spending on your class when you buy “just this one” thing.
  • Inspiration and support for when temptation creeps in… (and it will!)
  • Continued encouragement and support along the way (you’ll get the Broke Teacher newsletter once or twice a month, filled with tips to help you stick to the challenge).


Get on track to meet your financial goals.

Discover valuable “teacher skills” you could be using to increase your bottom line today!”

Stop cutting the bottom line and start BUILDING yours instead!