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How to Use Amazon Prime Day Properly

Amazon Prime Day is here and it's two days, not one. Teacher sites all over America are curating the best deals for their classes. Amazon's released thousands of Amazon-brand products, and this year, I've noticed school supplies. I've tried their brand, and it's good....

5 Ways to Avoid Hoarding for School

Are you buying or hoarding? Teachers often say we're buying when we're not "buying" so much as "hoarding."  Teacher spending is an affliction, but some of us sprint right over that line into hoarding. Here's how to tell if you're in danger of being on a Discovery...

Challenge: Resisting Target’s Back to School Sales

You can--and must--resist the Target back-to-school sale. It's July 1 as I write this. I walk into Target with one mission: dish towels. Mine are clean, but stained with god-knows-what and tons of holes but who cares because they still work, right? Teacher towels....

About No-Spend Summer

Summer used to be about one thing--vacation. Beaches, umbrellas, sand, and fun. Now, it's all about Back to School shopping. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent $82.8 billion on Back to School last year. The average family spends almost $700....