What’s does this Broke Teacher love about WordSwag?

Not all teachers are graphic designers.  That’s okay now with WordSwag, an inexpensive typography generator for your phone.

There’s a reason designers mix and match font–for the price of a graphic design degree you can learn this too.  Of course, if your goal is to post some graphically pleasing quotes on Instagram or create some inspiring pins, then WordSwag is amazing.  I’m using it for many of the graphics on this BrokeTeacher site.

The program is really easy.  You can take a photo to use as a background, use one of your favorites from your camera roll, choose one of the photos already uploaded into the app, or even search by keyword and get a bunch of Pixabay images to use as a background for free.

Then, you double-click the text and add your own text.  There are several styles and colors to choose from.  Each one has five variations.  If you’re feeling especially adventuresome, you can even hit the dice icon for a random text style.  Background images can be lightened or darkened to make the text pop or sharpened or blurred to feature the photo or the text.

WordSwag cost me $3.99 for the iOS version, but not every font was unlocked.  I paid an additional $1.99 to unlock the rest.  That’s a total of $5.98.  For the amount I’ve used it, it’s paid for itself and then some.

What are some other good uses for WordSwag?

  1.  Look at all the nice pictures of bread, Kleenex boxes, and roasted roots. WordSwag
  2. I quoted Martha Stewart on my personal Twitter and Instagram.
  3. I made inspiring quotes to blast on the smartboard for students to see when they walk into class.

Don’t settle for inferior quotes, ugly design, and stick figures.  Try out WordSwag!